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Luums - LEDs work for a better future

Luums - LEDs work for a better future


New: The Streetlight 80W (Wire mounted)

Tunnel light 75W

LUUMS introduced the Streetlight 80W, a wire mounted system specially designed to enlight the road form above. Read more

Incandescent light bulbs prohibited in 2012

Incandescent light bulb

The European commission has decided to prohibit the sale of incandescent light bulbs and low-efficiency halogen bulbs by 2012 at latest. Read more

Welcome to LUUMS, professionals in LED lighting!

LUUMS LED lights are developed as replacers for conventional lighting. Our LED systems produce a high light output trough a special technology. We offer environmentally friendly LED solutions for the following segments.

  • Industrial lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Greenhouse lighting

Advantages LUUMS LED systems

Sample image 


  • Replacer for conventional lighting
  • Decreases energy usage 
  • Exceptionally long life expectancy
  • Less replacements
  • Decreases operational expenses
  • Decreases costs of maintenance
  • CO2-reduction
  • Contains no mercury




3 years warranty industrial lighting

Monday 11 june 2012 - Luums offers a three up to five year warranty on several of her industrial LED lighting modules.

Q-park Mahler Parking Garage Amsterdam

Tuesday 13 march 2012 - Q-park Mahler Amsterdam places 2600 LED TL's.

30% more light output

Sample imageThursday 12 january 2012 - A technological breaktrough ensures a 30% more light output in the streetlight and growlight armatures.